Gourmet Sous Chef Series

Jul 11th

About Us

A Decade in the Making

Gourmet Sous Chef Series was borne out of a desire to help people create memorable dining experiences at home.

Each smoking oven comes with a full complement of accessories to help you create amazing meals from cold-smoked seafood to comfort food like a down-home brisket. Folks think it’s the most incredible taste around.

We love food. Plain and simple. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get that satisfied feeling from creating outstanding meals your friends and family will love.

Make your home THE gathering place – just like ours. Over 70 years of experience in the food industry have taught us that nothing is more important than a satisfied diner. Ours are always satisfied!

We at Gourmet Sous Chef Series want to share our most closely-held secret to a successful meal with you. And here it is: We have our own Gourmet Sous Chef working for us. And you can, too!