Gourmet Sous Chef Series

Jul 11th

Introducing Gourmet Sous Chef Series

A Gourmet Smoking Oven 10 Years in the Making is Now a Reality!

PLANO, TX – After a decade of development, a Texas-based company has created the ultimate in slow cooking . . . the Gourmet Sous Chef Series smoking oven. Perfect for outdoor kitchens, the home chef or professional chefs, the Gourmet Sous Chef Series features the S100, an all stainless steel electric smoking oven with 20-25 pounds of cooking capacity, plus a full complement of accessories.



Included with the S100 are:

  • 2 standard stainless steel food trays
  • 1 delicate food tray
  • 1 cold smoke tray
  • 1 wood chip tray
  • 1 wood box
  • 1 all-weather cover
  • 1 flavor box
  • 1 operating manual
  • 1 recipe guide
  • 1 packet of break-in wood blocks
  • 1 variety pack of sample all natural wood products for smoking

Each accessory, when used with the gourmet oven, is designed to help the chef create amazing, flavorful meals with as little effort as possible – it’s like having your own personal Gourmet Sous Chef!

From cold-smoked seafood to comfort food like a down-home brisket, the Gourmet Sous Chef Series of smoking ovens helps cooks all over the country create their own signature dishes. The Flavor Box lets each chef style a meal with their own infusion of intense flavor – from fruity to smoky to spicy – it’s all possible.

And here’s the best part, this oven makes cooking all-natural foods a snap – all while saving money and conserving energy. For just pennies an hour, the Gourmet Sous Chef Series slow cooks meals that can feed lots of hungry people. You can even make multiple meals at a time and have the best leftovers you’ve ever tasted. The Gourmet Sous Chef Series smoking oven also doubles as a warming oven so those leftovers don’t have to be cold – just pop them in your gourmet oven, set the temperature and serve your meal in no time.

More and more people are entertaining at home. And the Gourmet Sous Chef Series smoking oven takes that experience to a whole new level.

Inviting friends and family to your home for a meal isn’t a chore with the Gourmet Sous Chef Series gourmet smoking oven. You’ve instantly got lots of help creating a meal with flavor and professionalism.

And food lovers no longer need to spend their hard-earned dollars going out to fancy restaurants for the best dining experience . . . they can create their own favorite meals at home with the help of the Gourmet Sous Chef Series.

Visit www.Gourmet-Ovens.com to learn more about the S100 gourmet smoking oven and the entire line of Gourmet Sous Chef Series products.

Contact: Marijan “Diz” Dizdar, VP
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: 1-800-265-9422
Address: Gourmet Sous Chef Series
P.O. Box 250243
Plano, TX 75025

About Gourmet Sous Chef Series

With over 70 years of food industry experience, the staff of Gourmet Sous Chef Series lives and breathes great food. They are thrilled to finally unveil the S100 gourmet oven so that their customers can create THE gathering place for incredible meals in their own backyards.

Based in Plano, Texas, Gourmet Sous Chef Series has spent 10 years developing a gourmet smoking oven that meets – and exceeds – the highest of standards . . . our own.

Visit us at www.Gourmet-Ovens.com for more information about the Gourmet Sous Chef Series.